Don't Let It Happen Here

Don't Let It Happen Here is a Charles Mingus composition with lyrics adapted from a poem by Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran minister who was a protestor against the Nazi regime. It came to mind as I grieve over last week's horrifying display of cruelty against African-Americans, and the effects of suppressed rage, despair, and pain.

I pray that we as a nation will take meaningful steps to stop what is, sadly, happening here, and that true justice will be served. As someone lucky enough to be a jazz musician, an art form born from the African-American experience, that such beauty and life-affirming energy was still birthed from the blackest evil, I find this ongoing tragedy even more devastating and urgent. Please join me in acting for change - I believe our country's soul is at stake.

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Let's not lose this opportunity to help effect badly needed change in our country and society. Love your neighbor, love yourselves, take care of your communities! Until we can be together again be well, stay healthy, and stay in touch, xo Helen

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